Thursday, 29 November 2012

Freckles For a Friend

Hi guys! It's really hot here in Australia tonight and so instead of attempting to sleep, I am going to post. So today I have branched out from my usual canvas (myself) and instead did my friend's nails. My friend gave me pretty simple instructions, she just wanted something to do with rainbows! So I did my best to oblige with something that wouldn't take too long ( as I worked till 7 PM tonight and wasn't keen to be out too late.) So here's what I did:

Sally Hansen - Cherry Red
Sally Hansen - Sun Kissed
Sally Hansen - Green With Envy
Sally Hansen - Blue Me Away
Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow
Mode - Sweetness
BYS - Mauve-In On Up

My friend was really happy with the results! She said they look like Freckles (which are little chocolate buttons coated in sprinkles if you don't know!) She took this picture and texted it to me after I got home ( I should probably mention that she likes her pinky that long!)

So I think my first time painting someone else's nails was a success! Now I have to decide what to do next with my nails. I'm feeling a bit bored of my polishes ( which is ridiculous because I have so many...) But I'm trying to save money so I won't get any new polish until Christmas. Although, speaking of Christmas, I should probably start thinking of some Christmas manicures to do!

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