Saturday, 26 January 2013

Gloss 'n Sparkle - Pyjamarama

Today I am sharing a gorgeous polish gifted to me by my wonderful friend and fellow polish lover Julz (check her blog out here!). The polish is the amazing Pyjamarama by Gloss 'n Sparkle which is produced by Angela Clark (here is the website and she also has an etsy store!).

A quick shot of the bottle!

I love this polish so much! Lavender cream with blue and purple hexagon glitter and smaller pink and purple hexagon glitter. I don't have the words to describe how pretty this polish looks!

This is three coats and a top coat of Seche Vite. I didn't need three for full opacity but I always do three coats as a habit. The glitter spread perfectly, I honestly do not have a bad word to say about this polish! I love it so much! So a huge thanks to Julz for the wonderful gift and definitely go check out Gloss 'n Sparkle! She has a lot of amazing polishes for sale! I have a couple more that I might show off once I can bring myself to take this lovely polish off!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Australia Day!

Today is Australia Day!

This time last year I was living in Mexico and I felt really homesick on Australia Day. So it's nice to be back home even if it's really hot outside!

I couldn't pass up a chance to do some Australia Day nails, especially having just been accepted into the Gumleaf Mafia!

I've gone with green and gold! With the flag on my thumb for good measure. I used nail art stickers on the yellow nail and pretty gold flakes on the green! The flag is all hand painted.

Sally Hansen - Lite
Sally Hansen - White On
Sally Hansen - Blue It
Sally Hansen - Cherry Red
China Glaze - Happy Go Lucky
China Glaze - Starboard
OPI - The Man With The Golden Gun
Pink Fin - Nail Art Stickers

Mum wanted to have some Australia Day nails too, but with a grey theme to go with her outfit that she's wearing out tonight. So I've done grey with silver glitter, a cute koala accent and some Eucalyptus leaves on her thumb!

Sally Hansen - Wet Cement
Essence - Bashful
OPI - Crown Me Already
Pink Fin - Nail Art Stickers

I hope all my Australian friends out there are enjoying their long weekend!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Story About A Fox

Evening Followers!

I'm proud to say that I have been accepted into the Gumleaf Mafia, hence the nifty new badge on my blog! Give it a click to go and check out some awesome Aussie bloggers! I feel proud to join them!

Today I wanted to do something that my boyfriend would like. He and I just spent three amazing weeks on holiday together and while on our trip we carried a little stuffed fox and took pictures of it with various landmarks (don't look at me like I am strange!)

Anyway today's manicure is an homage to that fox. His name is Hermes.

My boyfriend really likes foxes. When we were first dating he used to drive me home at midnight, after we finished work together, and if we spotted a fox he would always call out " There's Hermes!" It became kind of a thing with us and so for Christmas I bought him a little stuffed fox and we took him on our trip. So this manicure is done completely with nail polish and I painted the little foxes on my ring fingers with my nail art brushes. Here's a few shots of the actual Hermes with my nails!

He's a bit cute! Also can you tell that I've been lazy and put dots on almost every manicure I do? I think I need to branch out a bit!

And for good measure, I'm going to admit that I am not perfect. I'll show you my attempt at my left hand. My left hand is an homage to a second fox that I bought for me so that my boyfriend would have one and I would have the other. His name is Jerome.

I think he looks kinda cute!

OPI - A Roll in The Hague
Sally Hansen - White On
China Glaze - First Mate
KISS Nail Art Polish - Black

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Back to reality (my life is a circus)...

Hello to my dedicated followers ( all four of you!),

I'm back from my holidays with a post about China Glaze's " Cirque du Soleil: World's Away" collection, or at least some of the collection!

While I was on holiday's I got 13 new polishes. Mostly 'Sinful Colors' now that it is being stocked in Australia, but also a few OPI gifts from family and a couple of sneaky bargain pickups (Essie - Coat Azure only $10!).

But today's post is about the three polishes I had waiting for me when I got back home!

So, when I bought these. I was torn because I love the entire collection! But I needed to save money so I chose the three that excited me the most. First up I want to talk about "It's a Trap-Eze!"

I was so excited about this polish but when I applied it, I was a little disappointed. I think my problem has been the recent popularity of indie polishes on my favourite nail blogs, and so many gorgeous indie glitters coming out. When I applied this polish I felt like the glitter was almost too packed in and I couldn't get opacity in the milky bits even with three thick coats.

I took a quick picture and then I took the polish off. I really didn't like how it looked on my nails ( which, by the way, are a mess after my five weeks of minimal nail care!)

The next polish is "Def Defying". Funnily enough when I went away on holiday I bought Sinful Colors "Innocent", which is an extremely similar colour and I might do a comparison another time on that. Anyway despite it being quite a thin polish, after three coats I loved it! It's just such a nice green. I forgot to snap a shot of just "Def Defying" on it's own because I was dying to put it with a purple I got by Sinful Colors called "Amethyst".

I should learn to wait till my base colour is completely dry because my purple dots are a little brown but I think this picture shows them ok. I love love love "Def Defying" ( also trying out a new watermark!)

Finally, a quick word about my final polish which I am yet to use.

When I got my package I opened it to see nail polish everywhere and I feared that my pretty polish was smashed. Upon closer inspection, it appeared that the bottle had simply leaked.

Knowing that to return the polish would cost more than I paid, I used pure acetone and managed to clean up the bottle and I hadn't actually lost too much polish from it! So I would call that a success! I won't name and shame the company, because I understand that these things can happen and I'm sure it was nobody's fault.

Anyway I'm sorry for my long absence and that I didn't swatch all three polishes. Since I got back I have been given 9-5 shifts almost every day ( including weekends!) and being that I've been away relaxing for so long I have just been drained! It's my resolution this year to blog more however, so I am excited to make this a regular habit! Though I must warn you all, it is my final year of uni and I think there'll be some crazy Jackson Pollock type manicures when I'm stressing out about my studies!