Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Back to reality (my life is a circus)...

Hello to my dedicated followers ( all four of you!),

I'm back from my holidays with a post about China Glaze's " Cirque du Soleil: World's Away" collection, or at least some of the collection!

While I was on holiday's I got 13 new polishes. Mostly 'Sinful Colors' now that it is being stocked in Australia, but also a few OPI gifts from family and a couple of sneaky bargain pickups (Essie - Coat Azure only $10!).

But today's post is about the three polishes I had waiting for me when I got back home!

So, when I bought these. I was torn because I love the entire collection! But I needed to save money so I chose the three that excited me the most. First up I want to talk about "It's a Trap-Eze!"

I was so excited about this polish but when I applied it, I was a little disappointed. I think my problem has been the recent popularity of indie polishes on my favourite nail blogs, and so many gorgeous indie glitters coming out. When I applied this polish I felt like the glitter was almost too packed in and I couldn't get opacity in the milky bits even with three thick coats.

I took a quick picture and then I took the polish off. I really didn't like how it looked on my nails ( which, by the way, are a mess after my five weeks of minimal nail care!)

The next polish is "Def Defying". Funnily enough when I went away on holiday I bought Sinful Colors "Innocent", which is an extremely similar colour and I might do a comparison another time on that. Anyway despite it being quite a thin polish, after three coats I loved it! It's just such a nice green. I forgot to snap a shot of just "Def Defying" on it's own because I was dying to put it with a purple I got by Sinful Colors called "Amethyst".

I should learn to wait till my base colour is completely dry because my purple dots are a little brown but I think this picture shows them ok. I love love love "Def Defying" ( also trying out a new watermark!)

Finally, a quick word about my final polish which I am yet to use.

When I got my package I opened it to see nail polish everywhere and I feared that my pretty polish was smashed. Upon closer inspection, it appeared that the bottle had simply leaked.

Knowing that to return the polish would cost more than I paid, I used pure acetone and managed to clean up the bottle and I hadn't actually lost too much polish from it! So I would call that a success! I won't name and shame the company, because I understand that these things can happen and I'm sure it was nobody's fault.

Anyway I'm sorry for my long absence and that I didn't swatch all three polishes. Since I got back I have been given 9-5 shifts almost every day ( including weekends!) and being that I've been away relaxing for so long I have just been drained! It's my resolution this year to blog more however, so I am excited to make this a regular habit! Though I must warn you all, it is my final year of uni and I think there'll be some crazy Jackson Pollock type manicures when I'm stressing out about my studies!

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