Sunday, 30 December 2012

A surprise shopping trip!

Hello! Bit surprised to hear from me so soon? I am too! But I went shopping today and I got so excited by my purchases I wanted to share with you!

So as you can see, I didn't just get nail polish! I've been all excited by Nude Palette's after reading a lot of beauty blog's recently and so I got this palette by "the Balm cosmetics." I also picked up their Schwing Liquid Eyeliner. Maybe I'll do a review of the palette when I get home after my holidays?

I also got some perfume on sale from Priceline. It's Paco Rabanne, Black XS for women. Something you don't know about me is that I love perfume almost as much as nail polish and this one is one of my faves that I used to wear way back when. Normally I don't go back to old perfume's once I've run out, but I made an exception with this one because my boyfriend loves it.

Finally, I am the most excited about my nail polish purchase! I went into Priceline initially looking for Primer and came away with SINFUL COLORS!!! I have NEVER seen Sinful Colors sold in Australia but they had bottles for five dollars on a big rack! I was so overwhelmed and excited, I decided the best thing to do would be to grab one and maybe go back later for more. So I chose Nail Junkie by Sinful Colors as the first to add to my collection because it is one I have seen reviewed and was excited to get. It also worked out as I was rocking For Audrey and a blue glitter seemed like a perfect New Years Eve mani to do.

So I've taken a picture with my iPhone, so the quality isn't great but it gives you an idea.

I love this polish! I'm so excited at the possibility that it may be hitting more stores around Australia soon!

Anyway, so that was my little exciting shop that I really wanted to share with you all! I hope you all have a great night tonight with whatever you may be doing. Stay safe and I'll catch you in the new year!


  1. I am SO excited that Sinful Colors has come to Australia! Target is stocking them too at the moment, and before xmas they were on special for $3.75 each. I love this colour you picked.

    I checked out a stand but alas it was cleaned out - here's hoping I can find a fully stocked one soon :D

    1. Thanks so much Julzy! I saw Sinful Colors again in Target ( bought some more hehe!) I am so happy it's in Australia now!

  2. Nice haul! That Sinful Colors is so pretty and sparkly! I'm glad you are able to find SC polishes where you live now. :-)

    ~ Yun