Monday, 17 December 2012

Oh Christmas Tree!

Two Christmas posts in two days! Probably won't be another until just before Christmas because I LOVE these nails so much I don't want to change them anytime soon! 

So for these cute Christmas nails, I first painted my nails red and then used tape to make the triangles of green. Then I used an orange stick to put the star sequins onto the top of the triangles and used a dotting tool to make silver baubles on the trees!

I'm still having trouble capturing China Glaze's ' Emerald Sparkle' on camera. But it's probably because for most of my designs I use my iphone camera to photograph them. I'll definitely need to start using a proper digital camera when I do swatches.

Mud- Chili Pepper
China Glaze - Emerald Sparkle
Sally Hansen - Celeb City
Star sequins from a craft store!


  1. Cute xmas trees! They look flawless :)

    1. Thanks lovely! They were super easy :)

  2. Ghaaaaa! These are so cute. I haven't really done any Christmas tree designs so I should get on that before Christmas passes me by!

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah the Christmas window has almost passed us, I can't believe how quickly it did! I still have to finish my shopping too eeek! :/