Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Emily de Molly - Land of Confusion

So this weekend I was lucky enough to go to the home of the fabulous Hayley, also known as the brains behind Aussie indie line, Emily de Molly! Hayley asked me if I would help her package up some of her international orders and in return she offered me polish rewards! A smart tactic because I'm never going to refuse polish! I actually had a really great time, the work was repetitive but not painful, horrible or anything like that. Plus with Hayley's company the time flew by! So thanks so much Hayley, you're pretty awesome!

So of course today's post is an Emily de Molly, or as I've lovingly called Hayley's latest collection, Emily de Molos because it's a line of gorgeous holo shades. Today we have the green Land of Confusion.

I LOVE THIS POLISH. Seriously, it's so pretty. I didn't have anything like it in my collection. These pics show two thin coats which is all it really took for opacity. First up, a shot inside under a lamp,

Like my new watermark? I've started using an iphone app so that rather than uploading to my computer and watermarking, I can do it all on the phone which makes for faster instagram uploads. Now the outdoor shots, which I've realised is going to only get harder because here in Australia we are coming into winter. I couldn't photograph this polish properly until about 1 PM when I was in the work car about to drive somewhere (yes I brought the bottle with me purely to take the photo!)

So much holo goodness! This picture isn't the best but I was a bit time pressured! I wanted to capture the pretty green of this polish so here's one more, classy steering wheel shot! Emily de Molly is available from Hayley's esty store (linked above) and several international stockists (listed on her etsy).

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