Monday, 1 April 2013

Meetup + Alanna Renee- Fawkes

Hey Guys!

I've had so much I wanted to update but I have been house sitting with the world's slowest internet connection so I haven't been able to! Luckily I'm home now so I'm going to smash out two posts in one day for you all!

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to attend a meetup with four very lovely nail enthusiasts. I was so nervous because two of these ladies have incredible indie lines and the other two are fantastic nail artists, I'm sure you've all seen Cathy's blog before! So I was a bit starstruck! We talked polish, shared easter gifts with one another, had lunch and made the wait staff of the restaurant jealous with all our polishes strewn across the table! Here's the details for those in attendance!

The obligatory hand shot to prove that we did, all in fact, meet up!  

I was incredibly privileged to come away from this meetup with some brand new, not even named yet! Emily de Molly's and some of Alanna's new Harry Potter line! So I thought I'd show you a quick swatch of one of the Alanna Renee newbies.

This is Fawkes, Alanna describes Fawkes on her site as " a mix of red and gold holo glitter in a red base." I used three coats in this picture. Application was super easy and the sparkle is absolutely incredible. This picture definitely doesn't do the polish justice! I could not stop looking at my fingers whilst I was wearing it! Alanna Renee's Magical World Collection was released yesterday and can be purchased at her site here!

I had such a wonderful time at the meetup this weekend. I definitely hope there'll be future gatherings! 

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